The Canada-based company DualMinds has been successfully creating works for theater, film and radio. Their two Award winning playsTuesdays & Sundays and Any Night have toured in Canada as well as internationally to highly critical acclaim. Any Night received its New York premiere in June 2011. They are working on a film adaptation of Any Night with producer Paul Armstrong, Movie Central, and BC Film. Daniel and Medina are the protege recipients of Canada’s most prestigious theatre award: The Siminovitch Prize.


1F, 1M
Available through Playwrights Canada Press.
A troubled young dancer moves into a new basement suite and finds herself drawn into romance with the charming young man living above her—until she starts suffering strange behaviour in her sleep. A romantic mystery about privacy, trust, and the power of the subconscious. A personal exploration of a universal theme: the thin line between trust and fear.
Premiered at the Belfry Theatre (Victoria BC). Subsequent tours to Toronto’s Summerworks National Series, Vancouver’s Cultch/Touchstone Theatre, and Edmonton’s FTA. US production at the LABA Theatre, 2011.

  1. Summerworks’ Jury Prize—Outstanding New Play
    Toronto NOW Awards for Outstanding Production, Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Performances, Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Design.

“An intense, intermissionless 80 minutes, ANY NIGHT confirms DualMinds as one of the most fertile new companies around.” —vancouverplays

“Part thriller, part psychological study, part hallucination, and totally engaging. Grabs us from the start and never lets go.” — Toronto NOW

“a phantasmagoric thriller about old problems unfolding in new ways…the play, like countless news stories published everyday, warns us about potential dangers of the digital age. However, by anchoring these dangers in a particular relationship, ANY NIGHT shows us that our real fears do not revolve around gadgets but rather questions of trust, security, privacy, and a shared reality.” – Theatre Is Easy

1F, 1M
Available through Dramatic Publishing.
Long ago, two innocents fell in love. Now in limbo, they awake to reveal what really happened—what lasts an evening, a few months, what dies, what remains forever.
Premiered at Theatre Network’s NextFest 2000, Edmonton AB

  1. Top Ten Play of the Year—Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver
    Outstanding Actress, Actor, New Work—Edmonton Sterling Awards
    Outstanding New Play, Production—Toronto NOW
    Outstanding Production, Female Performer—Victoria Fringe
    Overall Production Award—New York Fringe