Julia Jarcho is a playwright and director from New York City, with the company Minor Theater ("plays for others"). She won a 2013 OBIE Award for the Best New American Play (Grimly Handsome) and a 2014 Doris Duke Impact Award. Productions include Nomads (Incubator Arts Project, 2014), Grimly Handsome (2013, Incubator and 2015, JACK), Dreamless Land (New York City Players, 2011), American Treasure (13P, 2009), The Highwayman (NTUSA performance space, Brooklyn; published in The Best American Short Plays of 2005-2006), A Small Hole (Performance Lab 115, FringeNYC, 2006). She has developed plays with Playwrights Horizons, Clubbed Thumb, and the Bay Area Playwrights Festival. She collaborated with the visual artist Meredith James on Delmar, a video-play (Jack Hanley gallery, Spring 2014) and has worked with artists including Alice Reagan, Richard Maxwell, and Aaron Landsman. She won a Berrilla Kerr award in 2002. Her plays have been supported by the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, a program of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and by the MAP Fund. She has been a resident playwright at the Playwrights Foundation in San Francisco, a board member of Young Playwrights Inc., a resident writer at the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, and a member of the award-winning playwrights’ collective 13P. She is an Assistant Professor of English and Dramatic Literature at NYU.

Website: www.minortheater.org


2M, 4F
In this darkly comic spy-action thriller, three American college girls are recruited to serve their country undercover in Berlin. Years later, they learn something really bad about what they did, and they reunite to take thirtysomething revenge on the man who exploited them. 
Premiere with Clubbed Thumb's Summerworks (June 2016). 

“Ms. Jarcho specializes in letting the air out of traditional pop genres and then poking at their deflated remains. – The New York Times

“Julia Jarcho is one of our more compelling playwrights. – Time Out New York

Lyrical and incantatory. – New York Theatre Review

a new show about fear, from Minor Theater (currently in-progress) 
Experimenting with soundscapes and tableaux, textures of darkness and silence, THE TERRIFYING searches for a visceral scariness specific to live theater. The experience takes shape around the story of two kids in a village on the cusp of modernity, terrorized by a ravening monster. Twisting the tropes of the horror genre into something strange and lyrical, we explore the question of how you can live every day with forces that want to destroy you-- including the urge to destroy yourself.

3F, 1M
In the late 1930s, two American women drift free of their social ties, meet dangerous strangers, and circulate irresponsibly through other people's landscapes. Will their darker desires claim them forever? Probably. Inspired by the writings of Jane Bowles. 
Premiered at Incubator Arts Project (June 2014). 

1F, 2M
A pair of sinister Christmas tree salesmen have come to wreak havoc on our fair city. A pair of detectives are bent on catching the killer. A young woman finds herself drawn into their cat-and-mouse games and transformed in ways she could never have imagined. Meanwhile, wild animals have been sighted in the vacant lot across the street. Are they dogs? Raccoons? Or something more ferocious?
Premiered at Incubator Arts Project Other Forces Festival (2013). OBIE winner for Best New American Play (2013).

“Richard Maxwell described the experience of reading a script by Julia Jarcho: “It has density and yet it still feels ephemeral.” He wasn’t talking about GRIMLY HANDSOME but he easily could have been…(a) poetic and often very funny script.” – The New York Times (Critics Pick)

(5 out of 5 stars) It is wrong to tell you too much about GRIMLY HANDSOME, Julia Jarcho’s superbly wicked caprice…It’s much better to awaken slowly to the creepiness of Jarcho’s deep, dark woods, to go blithely into her Grimm landscape, which rustles with talking animals, smiling predators and language gone elliptical and awry…Jarcho, directing her own work, pulls off miracles. – Time Out New York

2F, 2M
Haley’s best friend Morton is about to go meet his estranged father in Las Vegas. As Haley imagines Morton’s experience, she pieces together her own version of her friend’s “broken home.” Ten years later, Haley seems to be living a grown-up life, but the fantasies of her teen years slowly start interrupting reality again.
Premiered with New York City Players (2011). Developed through the Resident Playwrights Initiative at the Playwrights Foundation, San Francisco

“…what hasn’t been said matters more than what has been said, and naturalistic banality evolves into something like philosophy. DREAMLESS LAND maps this strange linguistic territory, particularly the tricky places where we mishear, misspeak and let assumptions substitute for meaning. Here, in fact, implication and suggestion supplant plot itself…the brilliant Jarcho’s tonal froideur penetrates our bones too well, and our attention, loosened by something so tonally homogenous—drifts in the Antarctic chill.” – Time Out New York

Fracture, dislocation, and fear define every aspect of this dystopian American nightmare.Ms. Jarcho…is a master of (modernism)…DREAMLESS LAND is a must-see for anyone who enjoys the method and craftsmanship of Modernist theater – and for anyone who enjoys peering into the fractured mirror of modern life. – Cultural Capitol

1F, 1M
One night, a Real History Detective meets a gumptious young vagabond with a harrowing past. Together, they’ll follow a paper trail of blood and tears that goes all the way back to this nation’s beginning. Or somewhere else.
Premiered with 13P (2009). Developed at the 2009 Bay Area Playwrights Festival

“AMERICAN TREASURE is an odd, dense, oblique but haunting work..(Jarcho is) a remarkably clever, bewitching writer and a master of stylized behavior.” – The New York Times

2 or 3F, 4 or 3M (6 total)
Bess keeps finding herself in another world: The Inn, a haven for wanderers and vagabonds in a landscape plagued by death and bad weather. There, she awaits the man she’s meant for. He’s definitely coming –- unless something terrible happens. A play about reading, riding, and going wild, inspired by Alfred Noyes’s ballad.
Workshop production: NTUSA performance space, 2004
Developed at the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, 2002
Published in The Best American Short Plays 2005-2006 (Applause)

3 or 2F, 1 or 2M (4 total)
A little girl runs away from her broken home and moves in with a pair of royal exiles, hoping to find new meaning in their mysterious ways. Meanwhile, her mother and brother become involved in a dangerous plan to change the world. A one-act play in English and Spanish.
Workshop production: Prenzlkasper, Berlin, Germany, 2005