Neal Medlyn is a performance artist and musician living in New York whose most well-known work is his seven show The Pop Star Series and Champagne Jerry, the subsequent iteration of his work with popular music. He was named one of the top ten performers in New York by Time Out New York.

His work as Champagne Jerry has appeared at Joe’s Pub, BAM and on tour in various music venues, art galleries and Walmart parking lots as well as online. His album “For Real, You Guys” debuted in 2014.

The Pop Star Series works have been presented at venues such as Dance Theater Workshop, The Kitchen, PS122, the Chocolate Factory and others as well as in various festivals and theaters around the U.S. and abroad such as American Realness, the TBA Festival, the Live Art Festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany and others. The Pop Star Series is currently being made into a book which will be published by 53rd State Press in 2015. Other work of his has been presented by the New Museum for Contemporary Art, the Andy Warhol Museum and he has received support from Creative Capital, NYFA and others.

He appeared in Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder on Comedy Central and co-stars in a web series called People Are Detectives with Carmine Covelli. He has danced for David Neumann and Adrienne Truscott and won a 2010 Bessie award for his sound design work with Miguel Gutierrez. He  co-curated the Movement Research Spring Festival in 2012.

He is on the board of the feminist performance journal Women & Performance and he has served on the Movement Research Artist Advisory Council and on the Judson Selection Committee.

He teaches a devised theater class at Playwrights Horizons at NYU and has guest taught and been a visiting artist at Sarah Lawrence, CalArts and NYU Performance Studies.


A series of seven shows built around Neal Medlyn embodies pop groups or stars, using their personas, biographies, artistic output and other related material culture as both source material and conceptual filters making something familiar into something new and yet revealing about ourselves and the culture around us. The individual works are The Lionel Richie Opera, Coming in the Air Tonight (built around Phil Collins), Unpronounceable Symbol (built around Prince), ...Her's a Queen (built around Britney Spears), Brave New Girl (built around Miley Cyrus), Wicked Clown Love (built around Insane Clown Posse) and King (built around Michael Jackson). The shows have been and are able to be presented individually or as an entire series. Individual shows in the series have been presented at  the TBA Festival, the Fusebox Festival among others and the entire series has been presented by the American Realness Festival and the Live Art Festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany.

“the kind of DIY-fairy tale fan fiction a pop-star-obsessed gay teenager might create alone in his basement” - Art F City

Champagne Jerry also known as Neal Medlyn is, by far, the greatest rapper in the world. He likes snacks, books, sexual intercourse, and rhyming. Champagne Jerry was born when Neal Medlyn’s friend Max Tannone who had success with a Jay-Z /Radiohead “Jaydiohead” mashup album some years back, wrote and asked if he would want to write raps. It quickly became an all-consuming new project with Neal writing original underground-y contemporary hip hop songs in a style all his own, using the name Champagne Jerry, a nickname Bridget Everett gave him one fateful night when he walked around drinking an entire bottle of champagne. Featuring original songs, created with producer and remix master Max Tannone, Adam Ad Rock Horovitz, Carmine Covelli and others, Champagne Jerry is the most significant occurrence in all of our lives.
Performed at Joe’s Pub, BAM, among others.

“It’s like if Eminem took steroids during a women’s studies class!” – Rock Star Kathleen Hanna

“Champagne Jerry’s songs are established, playful and catchy… He possesses a unique swagger!” – Interview Magazine