Neil Blackadder translates drama and prose from German and French, specializing in contemporary theatre. His translation of Lukas Bärfuss’ The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents has been staged in London and several US cities and is published by Nick Hern Books, and his translation of Ewald Palmetshofer’s hamlet is dead. no gravity premiered at Red Tape Theatre in Chicago in 2014, directed by Seth Bockley, and was also produced the following year at the Arcola in London. Other playwrights Neil has translated include Maxi Obexer, Thomas Arzt, and Rebekka Kricheldorf. His work has been supported by grants from the PEN Translation Fund, the Howard Foundation, Omi International Arts Center,  the Banff Centre, and frequently by the Goethe-Institut.  Having grown up and attended university in England, Neil is able to translate into British as well as American English. Neil is Professor of Theatre at Knox College, and the author of Performing Opposition: Modern Theater and The Scandalized Audience (Praeger, 2003).


HAMLET IS DEAD. NO GRAVITY by Ewald Palmetshofer – produced at Red Tape Theatre, Chicago, IL, directed by Seth Bockley, 2014, and at Arcola Theatre, London, directed by Andrea Ferran, 2015. Other plays by Palmetshofer translated: THE UNMARRIED WOMAN, LIVING (UNDER GLASS)

THE SEXUAL NEUROSES OF OUR PARENTS by Lukas Bärfuss – produced at the Gate Theatre, London, directed by Carrie Cracknell, 2007.  Published by Nick Hern Books (2007), available in US through TCG. Other productions: Electric Pear, New York, 2008; Luna Playhouse, Glendale, CA, 2009; Vertigo Theatre, Portland, OR, 2015.Other plays by Bärfuss translated: OIL, THE TEST, ALICE’S TRIP TO SWITZERLAND, MALAGA

IN THE DEAD MOUNTAINS by Thomas Arzt – staged reading at Austrian Cultural Forum New York, November 2017.  Translation developed at Banff International Literary Translation Centre.Other plays by Arzt translated: CHIRPING HILL, ALPINE BLUES

ILLEGAL HELPERS by Maxi Obexer - staged readings in Washington DC, Chicago, and New York, 2016-17.Other plays by Obexer translated: GLACIER, THE LOVERS

AMERICAN SHOT by Evelyne de la Chenelière and Daniel Brière – staged reading in Chicago, 2012.  Excerpt published in Asymptote here.

ROSA AND BLANCA by Rebekka Kricheldorf - produced at Knox College, 2008, and in Grinnell, Iowa, 2010.Other plays by Kricheldorf translated: THE BALLAD OF THE PINE TREE KILLER, VILLA DOLOROSA (THREE BOTCHED BIRTHDAYS)