October 19 - November 25 WINTER SOLSTICE by Roland Schimmelpfennig at City Garage

Winter Solstice, written by Roland Schimmelpfennig and translated by David Tushingham, receives its West Coast premiere at City Garage in Los Angeles from October 19 - November 25.

Five people gather on Christmas Eve in a bourgeois, intellectual household. Albert, a writer, is engaged in a ferocious spat with his wife Bettina, a film-maker, over the arrival of her mother, Corinna. But it is Corinna who sparks the dramatic crisis by inviting a man she met on the train, Rudolph, to stay with the family. Rudolph is urbane, civilized, and polite—the essence of cosmopolitan charm. He entertains everyone by playing Chopin and Bach on the piano, but when he reveals that he is a doctor with Paraguayan connections, we realize that he is the silken embodiment of a Nazi past Germany has long thought buried.

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