March 9 - April 1 Mia Chung's YOU FOR ME FOR YOU at Crowded Fire

Mia Chung's YOU FOR ME FOR YOU is now running at Crowded Fire Theater in San Francisco, from March 9 - April 1.

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"’s hard to find a play that’s more timely. “You for Me for You” makes our refugee crisis human in scale, painfully vivid and impossible to look away from." - SF Gate

"this mysterious, beguiling Bay Area premiere offers myriad rewards...Chung’s contrasts between a society of scarcity and one of abundance feel not trite but harrowing, thanks to a heightened, whimsical tone and committed performances by the five-person ensemble... it’s nonetheless a pleasure to feel oneself ceasing to care about the usual markers of good storytelling, to let strictures melt away and simply listen and feel." - SF Chronicle


As they attempt to flee the Best Nation in the World, North Korean sisters Minhee and Junhee are torn apart at the border.  Each must race across time and space to be together again—navigating the perilous Land of the Free and the treacherous terrain of personal belief.