March 5 - 26 Aditi Brennan Kapil's ORANGE at South Coast Rep

Aditi Brennan Kapil's ORANGE runs at South Coast Rep, from March 5 - 26.

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Leela is different. A teenager from India, she draws life’s important moments in her journal. When a family wedding gets boring, her rebellious cousin decides to run for it with her boyfriend—and take Leela along. As they careen through Orange County, navigating dangerous situations from dusk to dawn, Leela challenges their view of her—and each other.

Kapil’s writing is hip, sharp and surprising. – Star Tribune

“ORANGE offers audiences moments of laughter, glimpses of tenderness and a good deal of food for thought about ability and perception. It neither apologizes for nor lionizes its central character, but insists that we accept Leela whole and complete with complexities and contradictions. That almost always makes for good theater, but perhaps even more so these days.” – Pioneer Press

"engagingly told... “Orange” becomes a sort of road story where breaking free opens up a path of self-discovery. Kapil keeps the tone lightly humorous, bordering on whimsical, yet provides satisfying levels of drama...“Orange” isn’t so much a portrait of our county as it is an up-close look at how perceived outsiders are affected by its various vagaries – foibles we either embrace or resist, depending on who we are on the inside." - OC Register