October 9 - November 25 I COME FROM ARIZONA by Carlos Murillo at CTC

The world premiere of I Come From Arizona, by Carlos Murillo, runs from October 9 - November 25 at Children’s Theatre Company.

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"...one of the most powerful pieces of theater...Based upon the stories of various Chicago families Murillo interviewed, “I Come From Arizona” is a disarmingly realistic slice of life that leavens its gravitas with humor and presents familial love in all of its complex and contradictory manifestations. It’s deeply absorbing from beginning to end, likely provoking family conversations that could extend well beyond the car ride home." - Twin Cities

“If the many stories of deported immigrants, or immigrants fearing deportation, have blurred into a big gray cloud in your head, “I Come From Arizona” will bring the whole sorry, tragic mess into razor-sharp focus.” - Minneapolis Post