September 28 - October 21 B by Guillermo Calderón at Royal Court

The world premiere of B by Guillermo Calderón runs at September 28 - October 21 at The Royal Court. B is written on a residency with the International Department and presented as part of International Playwrights: a Genesis Foundation Project.

Alejandra and Marcela are planting bombs in the middle of the night. They don’t want violence. They just want to be heard. Prison’s not much of a threat when most of your friends are inside. But José Miguel is from another generation, and he’s committed to change by any means possible.

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“Enlightening about the varied impulses behind urban violence” - The Guardian

“This grotesque, darkly funny new play… A startling, stylish and suspenseful piece... The writing has a dash of Pinter, Chris Morris' Four Lions and even Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs with its menace, its blend of the comic, grisly and grotesque, and its confused, conflicting deceptions" - The Stage

“A wonderfully surreal touch… A reminder that here Calderón is writing in the great British imaginative tradition of Caryl Churchill” - Arts Desk