January 5 - February 2 I CALL MY BROTHERS by Jonas Hassen Khemiri at Interrobang

The Chicago premiere of Jonas Hassen Khemiri’s I Call My Brothers will run at Interrobang from January 5 - February 2.

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Stockholm, Sweden. A car bomb rocks the peaceful city, and leaves the Arab-Swedish Amor on guard and on edge. But he doesn’t have time to let his fear get the best of him; he’s got places to be. As Amor attempts to run his errand and grapple with his own anxieties, we follow him through a fraught 24 hours, cautiously navigating the city he calls home. Balancing paranoia and humor, Jonas Khemiri's nuanced account dares us to question our own perceptions and prejudices, while offering a singular and harrowing take on the labyrinth of global identity politics.