September 13 - 14 GHOST RINGS by Tina Satter/Half Straddle at TBA:17

Half Straddle's GHOST RINGS will run at Portland's TBA Festival at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art on September 13 and 14. Tina Satter will also be participating in TBA:17'S Dialogue Series on September 14 at 4pm at Reed College. 

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In GHOST RINGS a narrative of friendship and family-making unfurls through a pop song cycle that burrows and soars with a mix of deadpan magical realism and a thoroughly feminist worldview. Playwright and performer Tina Satter, songwriters and performers Chris Giarmo and Erin Markey and performer Jo Lampert form a family band of yesteryear as they offer a tender and harrowingly funny, visual and sonic experience that traverses unexpected layers of romance. Ghost Rings has previously been performed at New York Live Arts and Abrons Arts Center, as part of American Realness.