May 1 - 12 A HARD TIME with Pig Iron Theatre at Fringe Arts

Pig Iron’s A HARD TIME, directed by Dan Rothenberg, will run May 1 - 12 at Fringe Arts.

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Welcome, esteemed colleagues. Find a seat. It has been said that laughter is an indication of relaxation, so please, relax. The topic of today’s lecture: What’s So Funny? Our guest lecturers this evening are Jess Conda, Jenn Kidwell, and Mel Krodman, who are here to give you A Hard Time.  They’ve provided this brief introduction to their performance: “Time to whip it out, go balls to the wall and jam out with your clam out because the maestros of menstruation are here to strip down and suit up. We’re taking your jobs and breastfeeding in public for your delight and entertainment. Settle in, buckle up and open wide.” Please give them a warm, collegial welcome.