Julia Jarcho's Minor Theater: Three Plays available on 53rd State Press

GRIMLY HANDSOME, DREAMLESS LAND, and EVERY ANGEL IS BRUTAL by Julia Jarcho are now available in a collection entitled Minor Theater: Three Plays available on 53rd State Press

2M, 4F
In this darkly comic spy-action thriller, three American college girls are recruited to serve their country undercover in Berlin. Years later, they learn something really bad about what they did, and they reunite to take thirtysomething revenge on the man who exploited them. 

1F, 2M
A pair of sinister Christmas tree salesmen have come to wreak havoc on our fair city. A pair of detectives are bent on catching the killer. A young woman finds herself drawn into their cat-and-mouse games and transformed in ways she could never have imagined. Meanwhile, wild animals have been sighted in the vacant lot across the street. Are they dogs? Raccoons? Or something more ferocious?

2F, 2M
Haley’s best friend Morton is about to go meet his estranged father in Las Vegas. As Haley imagines Morton’s experience, she pieces together her own version of her friend’s “broken home.” Ten years later, Haley seems to be living a grown-up life, but the fantasies of her teen years slowly start interrupting reality again.