September 22 - 24 Dan Rothenburg and Pig Iron premiere A PERIOD OF ANIMATE EXISTENCE at Fringe Arts

A PERIOD OF ANIMATE EXISTENCE, the newest show from Pig Iron Theater Company directed by Dan Rothenberg premieres with the Philadelphia Fringe, co-presented by Annenberg Center and FringeArts, from September 22 - 24. A PERIOD OF ANIMATE EXISTENCE fuses theater, music and design, and the perspectives of children, elders and machines, to contemplate the future in a time of dire ecological predictions and rapid technological change. How do we contemplate the future in such a perilous time, an era called the “Sixth Extinction,” when up to 50 percent of all living species might die off? An inspired, large-scale melding of music, design, and theater, the piece investigates the intense, unnamable emotions that arise in a time of extinction.

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