October 14 SASQUATCH RITUALS by Sibyl Kempson at Mount Tremper Arts

A workshop production of SASQUATCH RITUALS by Sibyl Kempson will have one performance on October 14 at Mount Tremper Arts at 8pm. It is expected to premiere at The Kitchen in NYC in April, 2018.

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We want to be here. We are terrified. We are womyn with a “y.” We have to wait until our eyes adjust before we can see. Did you hear that? Was that for reals or something from somewhere inside? We attempt to understand, we enter the big open. We conjure the Big Figure: the missing link in human evolution. Not to our past, but to our future. Not the link to how we became what we are, but to how and who we can still become. Medicinal tea will be served, but bundle up.