August 11 - September 16 Black Button Eyes presents SHOCKHEADED PETER

SHOCKHEADED PETER, created for the stage by Julian Crouch and Phelim McDermott with music by the Tiger Lillies, runs in Chicago with Black Button Eyes Productions from August 11 - September 16. For more information, click here

In this Chicago Storefront Premiere musical, a sinister but incompetent master of ceremonies leads the audience through the tale of a childless couple that has their fondest wish granted in the most delightfully dreadful way imaginable, accompanied by vignettes in which the hilariously horrible fates that befall naughty children everywhere are brought to darkly comedic life. Featuring music composed by the Tiger Lillies, this musical returns to the Athenaeum (and Chicago) for the first time since the show toured here with the original cast in 2001 in its first homegrown production by Black Button Eyes Productions.