September 6 - 9 THE ACCOUNTANT by Trey Lyford at FringeArts

The Accountant, created by and starring Trey Lyford, will have its world premiere at FringeArts in Philadelphia from September 6 - 9. 

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In the forgotten office of an aging clerk, the tedium of everyday life transforms into a comical and haunting world of futility, remembrance, and regret. The Accountant is a visual theater piece inspired by the disorientation that death can bring into our lives and by Samuel Beckett’s raw rumination on impermanence, Krapp’s Last Tape.  

Co-creator of festival favorites all wear bowlers (2005), Amnesia Curiosa (2006), and Elephant Room (2011), Trey Lyford characteristically blends physical theater, vaudeville routines, illusion, and slapstick with a dreamlike living set to celebrate the beauty fluttering in the details of everyday life and the poetic humor embedded at the epicenter of loss. When you take stock of your life and account for the many moments that make up who you are, does it all add up?