June 3 - July 7 [Veil Widow Conspiracy] by Gordon Dahlquist at NYTW

The world premiere of [Veil Widow Conspiracy] by Gordan Dahlquist will run with Next Door at NYTW from June 3 - July 7, 2019. The piece is developed and produced by NAATCO
(The National Asian American Theatre Company).

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[Veil Widow Conspiracy] is built around nested versions of a story from 1922 Xinjiang in Western China: a political murder mystery dramatized in a 2010 big budget Hollywood film, then amended via DVD extra interviews with the cast and crew, in censorship negotiations with the Chinese government, and finally by two lovers in a futuristic, dystopian Brooklyn, without the means to watch the film, one describing it to the other by memory in the dark. [VWC] explores the slippery tension around what we call the truth, knowing reality and fiction each have an angle, and no metaphor comes without an agenda.