Top 10 Theatre Productions of 2017: VILLA by Guillermo Calderón

The Play Co. production of VILLA written and directed by Guillermo Calderon was named one of top ten productions of 2017 by Time Out New York

"Guillermo Calderón’s puzzle play, in which three women argued over a memorial to victims of a totalitarian regime, managed to be uproarious and harrowing at once."

This is a story about reclaiming your country. In this slyly surprising and gripping play, Guillermo Calderón puts us in the room with three women charged with deciding the future of the Villa Grimaldi, an infamous detention camp of Chile’s Pinochet government.

Calderón is a leading playwright/director from Chile whose works have been performed in over 20 countries. His bracing plays lace playful humor, and flashes of startling stagecraft, into narratives of the dictatorship’s effects on his country and its people.