March 4 - April 8 Mia Chung's YOU FOR ME FOR YOU at Sideshow Theatre

The Chicago premiere of YOU FOR ME FOR YOU by Mia Chung runs at Sideshow Theatre from March 4- April 8. The play has received productions at Woolly Mammoth, Company One, The Royal Court, Mu Performing Arts Center, Portland Playhouse, and more. 

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Two North Korean sisters plan an elaborate escape from the “Best Nation in the World,” only to be separated at the border. Now in two strange and separate worlds filled with outrageous characters, they must navigate barriers of language and bureaucracy, reckon with the ways that culture and country can shape us, and discover that survival requires sacrifice. Playwright Mia Chung weaves myth and striking imagery into a deeply affecting and surprisingly funny adventure, portraying the endless lengths to which two sisters will go to find one another again.

“[4 Stars] Richly strange… the most epic theatrical venture I’ve seen”The Guardian